Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Auckland, Waiheke and Auckland Again

MexiKai soft-shell taco truck just off Queen St. in the Auckland CBD (that's central business district for those not in the know).

Sketchbook spread from Waiheke. The view from the deck where we were staying as well as some notes about comics I was reading and a grocery shopping doodle.

Pretty decent veggie burger from a restaurant next to the gas station just up from Onetangi beach. My rendition of what a thunderstorm looked like one night.

A few shells I collected from Onetangi beach for a quick study.

One day we walked pretty well the whole length of Waiheke (from Onetangi to Oneroa) and stopped at Little Oneroa beach for lunch -- Dragon Fired. Fantastic pita pocket things with loads of fresh veggies including avo.

I ate quite a few of these while I was in NZ -- thanks Sheree for the head's up :-).

While on Waiheke I purchased a few new tools from the local bookstore.

Back in Auckland and preparing for our trip to Southeast Asia (thus the new bag purchase).

Another journal-type page from Auckland pre-Asia. We saw the banana dude again the day before we left NZ... well some guy in a banana suit at any rate.

This was a dream I had; I woke up with it screaming to be noted so I hauled out the watercolours and put down what impressions I could.

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